One of the newest advancements in green building materials is insulated concrete forms, or ICF. ICF blocks and ICF home construction offer a healthy, secure, energy-efficient, and environmentally friendly way of building. Keep reading to understand what these green building materials are and why they work.

What Are ICF Building Blocks?

Insulated concrete forms start as hollow foam blocks. This might not seem like the first word in green building materials, however, what happens next is pretty neat. These foam blocks are stacked into whatever shape is required. They are then reinforced with steel rebar, and finally, they are filled with concrete. The result is a wonderful combination of energy efficiency, strong structural material, and excellent insulation. Once the insulated concrete forms are in place, brick, siding, rock, or whatever other material is desired can be attached to the outside. Before the concrete is poured, plumbing and electrical lines run through the foam

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It’s important that every homeowner knows about the dangers of radon. The Surgeon General has warned the American people that radon remains the second leading cause of lung cancer throughout the United States. Unfortunately, this gas contains no odor and can’t be seen with the human eye. That being said, there are certain potential indicators of radon that you shouldn’t ignore. With that in mind, here are four potential radon risk factors.

  1. A Tightly Sealed Home

    There’s certainly nothing wrong with wanting to have a sealed home. Having too much air escape from a home can lead to increased spending on heating and cooling bills. It’s important that homes have some type of airflow occurring, especially those with high radon levels. Many buildings contain trace amounts of radon. However, even small amount

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Home owners vary in how they address the problems that occur on their property. There are some who make sure that they address the smallest of clogged drains the second that they occur, but there are others who let problems go until they are an emergency. And while everyone knows that they really should address the small leak in the upstairs bath tub, there are some people who feel like they do not have the time or the money that is needed to call address a problem themselves or to call a professional plumber.
Plumbing repairs are one of the most important tasks in a home or a business. And while there are the rare property owners who feel that they are skilled enough to address plumbing problems, the reality is that there are many jobs from clogged drains to septic tank c

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