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Renovating Tips for Houseowners and Flippers

Renovating your home always seems like a regretful decision in the moment, but in the end, you are left with a sense of satisfaction that makes it all worth while. But why bother going through all the stress and trouble of ripping walls out or ripping floorboards up? And that is a valid question. However, you can’t make an omelet without cracking a few eggs, and in this case, knocking down a wall or two to make that house omelet you want so badly.

The first facet to consider is what you plan to accomplish with the remodel. Are you selling or keeping? Both involve renovating to some degree, but one comes with more restrictions and tempered with expectation.

You Are Keeping the House

This path is, arguably, the more fun out of the two. When you are renovating your own house, with intentions of keeping it, you can make changes to it that are all about you. When you renovate for the sake of reselling, your decisions are always looked at through the lens of getting a retu

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