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Save on Energy Bills With New, Energy Efficient Windows

Are you a homeowner thinking about undertaking a home renovation project? If so, are you planning on doing it alone, are will you hire a home renovation company to help get the work done? No matter what route you take, rest assured in knowing that thousands of people go through some type of home renovation project each year, from new kitchen counters and cabinets to new bathrooms and more. In fact, in 2014 alone, an estimated 50 percent of homeowners renovated their homes, according to a Houzz survey. Of those renovations, 80 percent involved upgrading some part of the indoor structure, while another 62 percent involved renovations to outdoor spaces. Of all those spaces, what are the most common types of home renovations that a home renovation company or homeowners take on? Let’s find out.

Of all the countless renovations that can be done to a structure, replacing windows is a common undertaking, and rightly so. Not only do good, quality windows make a home look more pleasing to

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Want Color For Landscaping? Try Bark Dust!

To the average citizen, bark dust and mulch are not different. And while, technically, they are not wrong, more like 50 percent wrong. Yes, both can be considered mulch, their applications are rooted in different uses.

Bark dust gets its creative name by being exactly what it says – the dust from bark. The outer layers of trees are transported to lumber mills where they are milled to whichever consistency is called for. However, they can vary in coarseness; like wood chips for playgrounds or a fine dust. Mulch, on the other hand, is not made from anything specific. It is an amalgamation of organic material that is ideal for a richer soil. In other words, mulch is usage over aesthetic, while bark dust is sometimes aesthetics over usage.

With so many children coming and going on playgrounds, bark dust shines as a popular choice for a playground setting, especially in cities like Portland where 132 playgrounds reside within. This is because bark dust can be cut into very fine bi

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The Need to Prevent Mold and Other Water Damage by Keeping Your Crawl Space Dry

No matter whether there is a basement or crawl space in your home, there is a value in keeping it dry. It is likely important to learn how to keep your crawl space moisture free, especially with the improved atmosphere it provides to the entire home. Considering the fact that about 98% of all homes with basements collect water damage, prevention rather than repair is likely the best step to take up front.

The Crawl Space or Basement

Over 27 million American homes have crawl spaces, and this is a dangerous area in regard to moisture and mold. Even with about 20% of new homes built over crawl spaces, the risk of water damage and mold continues There are many different steps that could be taken in order to keep the crawl space or the basement dry at all times in order to maintain the health of your home. With moisture causing mold, it is important to remember

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What Is The Secret Behind Solar Panels?

You might’ve heard the words geothermal, hyrdopower, biomass, wind prsolar, and asked yourself: what are they? Simply put, they’re a group of renewable energy resources known as clean energy. These sources of energy expel zero emissions, unlike coal or oil, and are just as efficient and in most cases more efficient than their fossil fuel counterparts.

One of the most well-known source of renewable energy greets us every day when it shines its light over our hills, mountains and valleys: the sun. But how can an enormous ball of plasma give us energy 93 million miles away?

In two words: nuclear fusion. The sun releases energy in the form of photons. Those photons travel about 8 minutes in space before finally falling on our planet. Solar energy is “raining down” on us, and the invention of solar panels are built specifically to capture this precious energy source.

How Do Solar Panels Work?


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Remodeling and Renovations So Valuable to The Home, Especially The Kitchen and Bathroom

According to surveys taken by the National Association of Home Builders, bathroom and kitchen remodeling are the most commonly requested renovations in the United States. Both of these projects are proven to have the potential for over 80% return on investment (ROI) upon completion. Therefore, when considering interior remodeling projects, the kitchen and bathroom are important, especially if your home will be going in the market in the near future.

Start with Kitchen Remodeling

Considering the amount of return that you will gain from remodeling your kitchen, it is one of the best places to start when the decision is made to start some renovations. It is important to remember that the kitchen is also an important room to take care of when renovating your home. It can add great value and appeal in many ways:

  1. Just over three-quarters of homeowners update the kitchen in a renovation project.
  2. A 2016 study showed that almost 90% of homeowners hired a contract

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