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9 Tips for Bringing Wood Feng Shui Into Your Home

The term, “Feng Shui,” is a Chinese term. The English translation is “wind-water.” Feng Shui is used by homeowners to bring more harmony into their home by making everything work together. This can include the way items are placed in a space. Another way is to use the energy most associated with wood. From bringing in custom architectural wood carvings to putting other wood carving designs or even the right plants, here are some tips to add wood Feng Shui elements to your home:

  1. Get the right plants. These do more for your home than impact your Feng Shui. Studies show that looking at green vegetation can reduce your stress level and the plants can keep your air quality up. Some people who enjoy cooking have fragrant herbs growing in the kitchen to keep everything in harmony.
  2. Bring in some wood figurines or statues. Whether you go for custom architectural wood carvings, ready-made stat

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Whole House Generators and Many Others Help During Blackouts

With energy bills costing homes and businesses the greatest amount of their annual bills, it is often safe to have a standby generator. This is because of the added expense that occurs in the event of a power outage, estimated at an overall $150 billion per year by the DOE.

Benefits of Emergency Generators

One of the valuable benefits of having standby generators is the fact that the complete loss of power, especially for several hours, causes an overall rise or fall of temperature inside any building. At this point it takes even longer to return the interior to a stable and comfortable temperature, costing more in the long run. Standby generators can at least help keep the environment inside any building at a comfortable temperature during a grid outage.

Another issue that is very important includes any refrigerator or freezer inside your home during these outages. If the power is out for more than four hours, then it is likely that the majority of the food will go

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