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Heaters and Cooling Units for the Job

Construction stands as one of the largest industries in the entire United States today, having a worth of nearly $1 trillion. Countless Americans are employed by many different construction contractors, and they are hard at work building houses, office buildings, schools, banks, and more. This is demanding work, however, and often takes place outdoors. This is especially true in a building’s earlier phases, when there are no finished walls or roofs to protect workers from the elements. For this reason, worker safety should always be at the fore of a manager’s mind. Heating and cooling can be done outdoors, such as propane heater rentals in winter. Workers who face heat, humidity, or cold may need portable units set up to protect them, and this doesn’t end with propane heater rentals. Temporary cooling can be done when fans are set up, or if dehumidifier rental is done to lower humidity in the air.

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When Was the Last Time Your Furnace Was Inspected?

One glove. No socks.
The fire alarms going off 30 minutes before school begins is never a great way to start the day. When you are a substitute teacher, it is even worse. Fortunately, you did have a warm winter coat that you were able to grab before following the teachers and the staff out the door. Because it was so early, not all of the students were in the building so it was a small group standing outside in the eight degree weather. Substitute teaching sometimes has its challenges, but this is the first time in your memory when you have had a fire alarm go off before school. Fortunately, there were many other teachers outside as well and because it was early there were no students who you were in charge of.
This left you to observe the crowd. Only half were in coats as many of the students had already been to their lockers and were at various activities and practices. There was not a lot of wind, but when it is below ten degrees and the ground, even the parking lot, is cove

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When Do You Need a Plumber?

We live in a world where all of the answers we want are right at our fingertips. This includes all kinds of DIY plumbing hacks and how-to plumbing videos. When your toilet or sinks aren’t acting right it can be very easy to pull out your phone, do a quick search, and find a solution.

However, not all DIY solutions are long term fixes. You might be using a temporary solution for a more serious problem. Plunging your sink to unclog it is a simple enough thing to handle on your own, but if clogged drains are a continuous issue in your home then you be dealing with a deeper issue.

Sometimes it’s okay to handle things on your own, but other times it’s best to bring in an expert. Calling a plumbing company is sometimes the smart thing to do so that you don’t make the problem worse in the long run. Read on for some examples of situations that call for the expertise of plumbing services.


Whether it be water heaters, sinks, or toilets, it’s usually best t

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The Benefits of a Metal Roof

Replacing, maintaining or repairing a roof can shake your savings. But what choice is the right one? EPDM rubber? For three decades its had little, if at all, changes to its formula. How about asphalt shingles? After all, they’ve been an integral part of the American landscape dating back as early as 1901. However, a new metal roof might be the silver lining you’re looking for.

Metal roofs are champions of longevity, boasting an expected expiration date of a lifetime. Asphalt shingles, on the other hand, require reproofing on a 10 to 20 year timescale.

For the eco-friendly, metal roofs are often made with a minimum of 25% recycled material while conventional roofing products dump 20 billion pounds of waste into U.S. landfills on a yearly basis. While roof coatings can add another 25 years to your asphalt shingles lifespan, and reduce the number of asphalt shingles dumped in landfills, this merely delays the inevitable. More often than not, metal roofs can cover an existing ro

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Have Fun and Express Yourself With Blue Glass Mosaic Tile and Other Pool Designs

There are quite a few ways to add a splash of color to your outdoor living spaces. This is particularly the case when you have a outdoor living space, complete with a swimming pool, spa, and patio seating area. Glass mosaics, which date back to 300 years before Jesus Christ was born, can add elegance or whimsy. These tiles can also create attractive focal points.

The Benefits of Glass Tile for Swimming Pools and Spas

If you have a swimming pool and spa, or are planning to have these constructed or installed in the near future, there are a variety of ideas that may appeal to you. It’s important to note that glass tile will last considerably longer than plaster, exposed aggregate, or fiberglass finishes. While the former may have a lifespan of five to 25 years, the latter, due to retaining its appearance and surface quality, will usually last even longer. This is keeping in mind that the pools and spas are well-maintained, of course.

Traditional and Custom Mosaic

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