Why You Should Avoid Hardwood Flooring If At All Possible

Bamboo flooring manufacturers are rising in prominence, creating everything from gray bamboo flooring to easy to take apart bamboo flooring. Bamboo flooring manufacturers have made a product that is a viable alternative to wood flooring -especially hardwood flooring – as bamboo flooring (as bamboo flooring manufacturers know) is incredibly durable. But why exactly are bamboo flooring manufacturers creating bamboo flooring in the first place? And why should we be avoiding hardwood flooring if at all possible?

The answer lies both in sustainability and cost. Hardwood floors are a hugely popular flooring option here in the United States, but they are also more expensive. In fact, up to 54% of the general population of prospective home buyers would actually pay more for a home that had hardwood floors throughout. In addition to being quite expensive, hardwood flooring is far from sustainable as well, unless the hardwood is sourced from reclaimed wood, which is a different matter entirely.

But most hardwood flooring is not ideal or in any way benefiting our planet and the use of hardwood flooring actually contributes, to some extent, to the problem of deforestation that is faced all throughout the world. While the world is currently make up of many forests, with forests of all varieties covering up to 30% of the land on this planet, this is not likely to stay the case if deforestation continues at the rate that it has been. And as hardwood trees that 20 years at the minimum to grow to full maturation (and often as long as 60 years), the use of hardwood trees for the purposes of flooring is not something that can easily be replenished or replaced.

As bamboo flooring manufacturers know, bamboo is a different story entirely – and a much more sustainable one, at that. Bamboo plants only take around three years at the most to reach their full maturity, meaning that bamboo can be grown, harvested, and then grown again far more quickly than hardwood trees can. Therefore, locking bamboo floors and other types of flooring made by bamboo flooring manufacturers is likely to be the best option to replace hardwood flooring throughout a home.

And when it comes to flooring options, bamboo flooring as is made by bamboo flooring manufacturers is quite high quality in its now right. In fact, this eco-friendly material is often even harder that hardwood floors and the disadvantages of bamboo flooring are few. Because of its widespread accessibility (something that is only continuing to grow), bamboo flooring as made by bamboo flooring manufacturers is likely to be much less expensive than hardwood flooring by quite a bit.

But it’s not just bamboo flooring manufacturers that are seeing a great deal of success. In fact, the flooring industry as a whole is here in the United States, as it has made incredible sales in recent years. In the one year of 2017, for example, more than $21 billion were made in floor sales alone, covering more than 19 billion square feet by the time that the year had drawn to a close. After all, flooring is a hugely important commodity, not just here in the United States but in many different places far beyond it as well. Without flooring, we would simply not live as comfortable or as safely as we do today, as we have become accustomed to in countries like the United States (and other developed parts of the world).

And flooring is one of the first things that people often seek to update when they are conducting a home renovations project. Flooring is common, for example, in the process of renovating a kitchen. When people choose to renovate a kitchen, more than 70% of them will include new flooring in those plans for renovations. For a kitchen, you’ll likely want to steer away from carpet (as carpet is likely to become easily stained and damaged, especially in a kitchen environment where food is handled and messes are frequently made). However, bamboo flooring from bamboo flooring manufacturers can provide a stylish alternative to hardwood flooring and to tile flooring as well.

At the end of the day, there are many reasons to consider bamboo flooring, such as the cost and, most importantly, the sustainability.

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