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The Importance Of Pool Maintenance Done Regularly

Owning a pool can be a great thing, there’s no doubt about it. A pool is great for the summer months (or for all year round, if you live somewhere with a warmer climate) and can be enjoyed by all members of the family – even the pets. Pools are even just great for sitting next to and sunbathing by. However, pool maintenance is highly important and is necessary to extend your pool to its maximum lifetime of anywhere from six years to ten years. Regular pool maintenance will help to keep you swimming in your pool for longer without needing to go through the costs of replacing it.

First, though, let’s look at some of the advantages of owning your very own pool, perhaps even with a custom pool design. For one, it’s a great way to get some exercise. Swimming is great for your body but easy on the joints, making it the ideal form of physical activity for many who struggle with chronic pain conditions and even

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These Are Some Of The Grossest Things In Your Home

There are a lot of things and places within your home that people associate with the “gross factor”. Any cleaning company can attest that what people don’t realize is that some of nastiest spots in their homes are also the least regarded. Hence, they get grosser and grosser over time.

In the United States, households spend an annual average of $660.48 on cleaning supplies. How much of those get used properly and regularly remains unknown. Any way you cut it, some of the germiest parts of your home might take you by surprise. After hearing about this list, you may find yourself wanting to clean up your act.

Coffee Makers

That’s right, your precious coffee maker is often a cesspool of bacteria. It’s warm, it’s moist, and sometimes you forget to change the filter for days at a time. Bacteria love this environment. Plus, the lines the water goes through to brew your beloved coffee very rarely sees a decent cleaning. A lot of people assume that steaming hot water does a good enough job of sanitizing coffee makers, but bacteria thrives in those lines. Try an occasional vinegar soak, then run it through the lines. Of course, give those lines a couple rinses with water or your coffee might taste funny.

The kitchen sink

This is disturbing because your dishes are cleaned here. Yet the kitchen sink and, especially, dish sponges, rags, and cloths are some of the worst germ culprits in the house. The awful part is that they’reĀ used for cleaning, but instead of a cleansing scrub, it’s a dissemination of disgusting-ness. Scatter the germ symposium by microwaving your sponges for two minutes every day and replacing them at least once every couple weeks. Rags, if you use them, should see a hot wash cycle every couple days maximum. Beyond that, the surface area of your kitchen sink and surrounding counter space should be disinfected after every use.

Sure, house cleaning does a lot to focus on the general cleanliness of rooms that get a lot of traffic, but the devil is in the details. In fact, those small details that professional cleaners look out for sometimes fall outside their jurisdiction. It’s unlikely that cleaning services will flush your coffee maker or replace your sponges, so stay on top of things like that. Your cleaning company can be a powerful ally in the game against gross, so let’s get to work.

How to Get the Most From Your High-Efficiency Furnace

You have a new high-efficiency furnace. Great! Now, how do you keep that furnace running at peak efficiency?

Understand Your New Furnace

The new high-efficiency furnaces save money and work much better than previous furnaces. However, they are slightly more technical, so furnace maintenance requires contractors with the right expertise. You should also understand that when machinery is more complex it is also more sensitive. This means it is absolutely essential that you do annual cleaning and tuning.

What Will Technicians Need to Check?

There are quite a few things that your furnace repair or furnace maintenance technician will need to do if you have the newest and most efficient gas furnaces.

  1. Expect them to check the igniter and sensor.It’s important to check for specific resistance levels at the igniter. The flame sensor also needs t

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Ways to Provide Heat and Air to your Home Add On

There is no doubt that summers can get extreme, no matter where you live. That could be the reason that about two-thirds of all houses in the U.S. have air conditioners, which coupled with heating devices are responsible for almost 50% of all the energy used in a home. Keeping large houses cooled and heated can be a little trick, but doing the same with an add on can be just as frustrating. Trying to cool and heat your home building project could be enough to make you ditch the project altogether, unless you consider these simple steps.

Hiring Professionals

Sometimes the though of doing a home building project yourself seems like a good idea, until you actually sit down and attempt to plan everything out, including how the addition will be heated and cooled. Considering hiring construction services could be an option. The construction cost may seem high

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Why Should I Use a Water Softener?

Do you lug a shrink-wrapped container of bottled water into your home every week when you do your grocery shopping? Have you ever longed for an alternative to the wastefulness of plastic bottled water, and the inconvenience of purchasing it? Or are you sick of rough hair and grimy dishes from hard tap water? If you’re ready to drink cleaner, more economic water, a high capacity water softener may be for you. Here’s three things you need to know about softened water.
1. Water treated by a softener is very clean. Viruses and bacteria such as E. coli and salmonella are so incredibly small in size that only ultra filtering and reverse osmosis can eliminate them. Additionally, the plastic in disposable water bottles has been known to give water an off, unpleasant taste. The plastic doesn’t last forever, either; the expiration date on your disposable wa

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