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Copper Rain Gutters are the Exceptional Choice for Rain Gutter Systems

Copper Rain Gutters are the Exceptional Choice for Rain Gutter Systems
Copper Rain Gutters are Durable and Add Curb Appeal
The Benefits of Installing Copper Rain Gutters System

Rain gutters may not be the first thing people look at when building or shopping for a new home or business. But they play a crucial role in protecting the building from water damage — from roof to basement.

Rainwater can cause roof damage. Even with as little as one inch of rainfall, 600 gallon of rainwater can collect on the average roof. That same single inch of rainwater could fill a 54-gallon rain barrel.

Rainwater weighs eight pounds per gallon. Without rain gutters, the stagnant water could cause damage to the roof, building exterior, foundation, basement and garden.

Rain gutters have been around since the Middle Ages. However, during the early 20th century, ra

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The Pros and Cons of Screen Enclosures

Swimming is the fourth most popular thing for Americans to do when it comes to sports or activities. The average American will swim in a pool about six times every year, and swimming is the most popular recreation for Americans between the ages of seven and 17. There are a lot of good reasons to get a pool, particularly if you live in a warm climate and can use it year-round, and if you have a pool there is a good chance that you could use a pool screen enclosure. Here’s what you need to know about pool screens and what they can do.

What is a Screen Enclosure?

A pool screen enclosure allows you to enjoy your pool with a lot less maintenance. A pool screen enclosure is typically made up of a frame and an 18/14 or 20/20 fiberglass screen That allows air and visibility for those using the pool but keeps out insects and provides a bit of privacy. There are quite a few frame colors available and styles that can match the look of your home or create a unique look, depending on pr

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How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption in the Summer

Even your pets know how to find the most comfortable place in the house in the summer: it’s right in front of the air conditioner. When the mercury rises, it’s impossible to avoid the temptation to turn up the air conditioning, even though you know that that next month’s electric bill is going to be a shocker. However, there are a few simple steps you can take to reduce your energy bills. Your local ac repair company can help you out here, with regular maintenance visits that will keep your system running efficiently.

The dog days of summer are here
When the dog days of summer hit, air conditioning feels like a necessity rather than a luxury. About two-thirds of all homeowners in the U.S. would agree with that statement, and have air conditioning options in their homes. About 48% of home energy consumption goes into heating and cooling, which means that there’s no respite

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3 Important Benefits of Renting a Dumpster

It’s often surprising to realize how much trash the average adult throws away. Statistics show that the average person in the United States throws away 600 times their adult weight in garbage. Considering that, it’s understandable to feel that your home has become too cluttered with trash and clutter. During these times, it’s understandable to wonder how to properly clean out your home. Many are realizing how beneficial it is to contact a dumpster rental service. In this post, you’ll learn three beneficial reasons to rent a dumpster.

  • Not Waiting on Municipal Services

    You’ll find that renting a dumpster provides you with an immensely large container. In turn, this enables you to remove clutter and trash from your home much faster than normal. Statistics gathered from the United Nations Centre for Human Settlements found that only 25 to 55% of waste in large cities is ever picked up by municipal authorities. In addition, municipal services are often onl

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A Look At The Waste And Garbage Industry Of The United States – And How Recycling Is Making A Big Change

From yard waste to residential waste, there is no shortage of waste products all throughout the country of the United States. Every person living here contributes significantly to the growing problem of waste and what to do with it, with the average adult in the United States individually contributing as much as six hundred times the amount of their weight over the entire course of their lives, men and women alike. In just one day, an average person living in the United States will create as much as four pounds of trash before the day comes to a close. There are many ways in which we all contribute to this waste, from our yard waste to other waste that we generate, such as the waste that is made when buildings are constructed and even food waste.

Waste management is key to managing yard waste as well as other types of waste, and the waste management world is a more expansive one than many people realize. In fact, the industry of waste management actually encompasses as many as tw

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