Septic Tanks, Treatment, and Everything In Between

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The process of septic tank treatment is incredibly important for home’s that exist across the United States. This is important to know because people often overlook the world of septic plumbing. However, it is not until things go wrong that they realize just how much they overlook the industry of plumbing.

If you need help understanding how important plumbing is to your everyday life, then take a moment to think about how often you use water. Water is used in the shower, water is used to clean dishes, water is used in your toilet for your body waste, and plus water is used for drinking at a high rate of consumption. As a result, septic tank pumping, septic tanks, and septic tank treatment are all incredibly important.

A garbage disposal alone can increase the number of solids in the septic tank by 50%. If you have a garbage disposal then it is important you stay on top of your septic tank treatment. If not, you will end up with a back up of plumbing that is going to be dangerous to the utilization of water in your home.

A single-family home will use, on average, just about 70 gallons of water per person every single day. This amount of water is common across the United States. More often than not, families like this are going to need to have access to their water every single day. If they cannot have this access, then things will go wrong very quickly.

Just about 25% of all the hoses in the United States will use some type of septic system. This septic system will obviously include a septic tank that needs to be properly managed and treated. If this septic system has a tank that does not receive the proper septic tank treatment, then it can be a rough situation for the family living in that home.

Usually, a septic tank should be big enough to hold two days of wastewater, which is how long it takes for solids to settle out. In general, a four-person, two bedroom household needs a 1000 gallon tank at minimum. As a result, it is important to get your septic tank treatment handled by a professional.

Data from the Environmental Protection Agency states that more than 4 billion gallons of wastewater are dispersed below the ground surface every day. There are four factors that impact the frequency of pumping: number of people in a household, amount of wastewater generated, the volume of solids in wastewater, and the size of the septic tank. The state of Illinois requires that all piping more than five feet from a building’s foundation used for moving wastewater be considered part of the septic system.

In Conclusion

Every single year there are families that make the mistake of not taking their septic tank treatment seriously. This results in serious plumbing issues that will end up hurting their utilization of water. This means that they will potentially have high-cost water bills that require them to pay a large amount of money in comparison to what they should actually be paying.

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