4 Benefits of Having a Septic Tank Pumped

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Statistics show that 25% of homes in the United States utilize some form of a septic system. Septic systems are essential for collecting, treating, and removing wastewater. After wastewater is collected, it is sorted into separate layers of water and solid material. Solids that are lighter than water will collect at the top of a septic tank. Materials heavier than water will sink to the bottom of a septic system where it remains until it is pumped out of the tank. At some point, nearly every homeowner will need to have their septic tank pumped. Here are four benefits of pumping your septic tank.

  1. Avoiding Foul Smells Within the Home

    If a septic tank becomes too full, it can begin to cause water to leak back into the home. Wastewater is known to have a foul smell. Your home needs to be an area of peace and tranquility. No homeowner wants to their friends and families to deal with harsh odors that are extremely unpleasant. If you want to avoid odors associated with wastewater, it’s best to call a septic tank repair business. A septic tank service will ensure that your system is pumped, removing all solid waste from your property.
  2. Ensures Septic Tank Remains Efficient

    Four factors determine the frequency of pumping septic tanks including the number of people in a home, amount of wastewater generated, solids present in the tank, and septic tank size. Homes that generate larger quantities of wastewater are likely to require more frequent septic pumping sessions. It’s important that a septic tank is able to remove waste from a home in an efficient manner. A septic tank that is regularly pumped will be able to keep wastewater properly drained out of the home.
  3. Not Allowing Harmful Bacteria to Enter Your Home

    Statistics from the EPA estimate that over 4 billion gallons of wastewater flow beneath the surface of the ground each day. Wastewater is extremely dangerous and is filled with many forms of bacteria. Coming into contact with wastewater greatly increases your risk for developing a wide range of illnesses. In many situations, small children and pets might find themselves attracted to wastewater without knowing the dangers of this liquid. Pumping your septic tank regularly helps to ensure no harmful bacteria enters your home.
  4. Ensuring a Small Problem Doesn’t Grow

    Many homeowners prefer to have their septic tanks regularly pumped to avoid emergency service calls. No one wants to deal with the stress associated with a major septic tank emergency. Letting a septic tank problem grow out of control could mean larger repair costs in the future. You’ll want to ensure that you contact a septic tank repair company at the first sign of any tank issues. It’s best to start thinking about pumping your septic tank if you’re noticing any flooding issues within the home.

In summary, there are several beneficial reasons to ensure your septic tank is pumped regularly. Wastewater is known to have a distinctly foul odor. No one wants to live in a home that smells of wastewater, especially houses with large families. Having a septic tank regularly pumped helps to ensure the system runs efficiently. An efficient septic tank system easily removes wastewater from a home for the foreseeable future. Wastewater is known to carry large amounts of bacteria. Coming into contact with bacteria can increase the likelihood of catching a wide range of illnesses. Pumping your septic tank at regular intervals helps to ensure you never have to make an emergency septic repair call. Contacting a septic tank pumping services allows homeowners to continue living in clean and safe homes.

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