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Good Lawn Care Is More Than Curb Appeal

Environmentally friendly lawncare

According to a survey conducted on behalf of the National Association of Lawncare Professionals, three-quarters of Americans believe it is important for them to spend time outside in their yards. We put so much into our yards to make them look nice and to have them serve some sort of function, like a place to picnic or hold outdoor activities for family and friends. It’s no wonder, then, that we spend so much money on them.

In our modern day, taking care of our lawns and yards can be done much more organically than even 20 years ago. Natural lawn care is being practiced by many more professional landscapers and garden enthusiasts alike. Natural law

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How a Real Estate Agent Can Help You Find Your Dream Home on the Outer Banks


Like most seaside holiday destinations, most people see the Outer Banks as tourists. For the lucky ones who get to live here, the Outer Banks lifestyle, with ocean breezes and spectacular ocean views, tangy salt air and natural beauty all around them, is more than just a catch phrase. If you’re looking at homes for sale or thinking of investing in condos or beach properties in the area, it helps to talk to someone who knows the area and its history.

How a real estate agent can help you
If you’re considering buying real estate on the Outer Banks, you’ll find it helps to have a reliable real estate agent whose advice you can trust. Th

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