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7 Questions to Ask Before Signing a Rental Agreement

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If you’re not yet ready to buy a home, then you’re likely looking at apartments or homes for rent. You probably already know where to find houses for rent online. But what should you be looking for once you’re actually taking tours and talking to prospective landlords, and what should you ask about besides the monthly rent? Here are seven questions you should ask about all the rental homes you see before making a decision:

  1. How Much Do Utilities Cost?

    A landlord should be able to give you an estimate for what utilities cost in any given property, if they aren’t included in the rent. Keep that figure in mind (adjusting for whether you’re a heavy or light utility user, in general) when you’r

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The Secrets Behind Keeping Your Air Conditioner Running Well

Tampa ac repair

The majority of people in the United States have air conditioning, but few know the reality of what it takes to care for and maintaining their units. In fact, a poorly … maintained air conditioning unit can end up being not only financially devastating, but potentially dangerous. It’s important to know whether or not your air conditioning system is good to go. That way, if anything’s wrong you’ll know to call your AC service as quickly as possible. To put it frankly, knowing the status of your air conditioning unit means that you will be in better shape in the long run.

Efficient Air Conditioning Services Are Energy Efficient Too

It’s important to be as energy efficient as possible, both for your wallet and the environment. At first, some high … efficiency air condit

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The Three Best Upscale Flooring Options Out There

Building with tile

If you’re considering remodeling your home, you might just be floored by the sheer amount of upscale flooring options available to you. With so many styles, prices, and designs, how can one possibly choose the best option?! Luckily, we’re here to help. Here are three of the most common flooring options that will make selecting new flooring nothing but a good time.

  1. Carpeting
    Carpeting is one of the most popular flooring choices out there. In fact, did you know that carpeting accounts for a little over half of the flooring options throughout the United States? Considering that carpet is as durable, comfortable, and stylish as it is, those numbers make

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4 Things Traditional Sewer Repair Contractors Don’t Want You To Know

Sewer line repair

With around 78% of Angie’s List users surveyed saying that they hadn’t head of “no dig” sewer technology, it’s no surprise that trenchless sewer repair and replacement. Trenchless sewer technology is the way of the future … a method of repairing or replacing damaged sewer lines without potentially devastating damage to your yard. It can save you a lot of time and money; so before you sign that contract with a traditional sewer repair company, make sure you know the facts and your options.

1. Cured In Pipe Placement Is One Way To Save Your Yard

Cured in pipe placement is one method of trenchless sewer line repair. Otherwise known as CIPP, cured in pipe

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Why Professionals Use Brass Fittings

Brass compression nuts

If you’re looking for valves and fittings, you’ll soon find that a brass fittings manufacturer is your best choice. But why is brass so frequently used for everything from compression fittings to garden hose fittings? It comes down to the unique properties of brass. Here are explanations of three of the most important of those properties:

Resistance to Corrosion

Brass is an alloy, or a mixture, of copper and zinc. While copper corrodes fairly easily — that’s what gives the Statue of Liberty her distinctive green color — zinc is actually more resistant to corrosion th

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