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Why Brass Is the Best for Hose Barb Fittings

Lead free compression fittings

Hose barb fittings are useful connectors that allow you to combine multiple hoses or repair damaged ones with very little effort. But as you’re looking at your options for them, you might see that hose barb fittings — as well as various other valves and fittings, such as compression fittings — come in a variety of materials. Which should you choose? If all you care about is price, then by all means go with plastic. But if you want the best value, then brass is probably your best option. Why is brass used so often for these types of fittings? It all

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Never Hire Commercial Roofing Companies Without Asking These Questions!


The Better Business Bureau, Angie’s List, and other consumer review groups issue regular warnings to homeowners about shady residential roofing contractors. Far too often, home-improvement scammers, lazy roofers, and straight up con men go door to door targeting innocent homeowners and vulnerable senior citizens.

Fortunately, commercial roofing contractors generally have a much better reputation. Business owners and property managers are usually much savvier when it comes to hiring workers, which means it’s much more difficult to rip them off. It’s not easy scamming someone who demands a contract and knows how to spot a rip off artist from a mile away.

Even so, there are certain steps you should take before hiring commercial roofing contractors to perform roof repair or replacement work on your building. Muc

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Keeping it Cool Why Proper AC Maintenance is Important

Commercial ac repair clearwater

Beating the summer heat is a high priority for many during this time of year. The easiest way to stay cool and avoid the heat is through air conditioning.

In the U.S. two-thirds of all homes have air conditioners. Just like people, air conditioning systems require routine check ups to ensure that they function properly. That is why you should create an AC maintenance plan and hire hire an AC contractor to regularly service your AC unit.

It is not unusual for AC and HVAC units to require repairs in order to ensure optimal working condition. You may be experience poor air flow or issues the the unit’s fan. By contacting a residential AC rep

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Going Trenchless is the Only Way to Go

Trenchless pipe

Homeowners who’ve ever had sewer repair work done know just how destructive and frustrating the process can be. Sewer pipes are buried deep underground, beneath a home’s yard and anything on it (including decks, patios, walkways, gardens, etc.). Under the conventional method, repair crews have to dig large trenches in order to reach the broken pipes, causing considerable damage in the process. In addition to digging up soil, the crews also have to remove tree roots that can grow up to three feet below the surface (and consequently damage sewer pipes). The process takes up to two weeks — and that doesn’t even include any of the restoration work needed to repair the damage.

Thankfully, a new method from the past 15 years has revolutionized they say sewer pipes are repaired. Read more ...

Purified Drinking Water The Down Low on Your Home’s H2O

Iron laden water

Water is a basic need that’s easy to overlook. In it’s purest form it has a pH balance of 7, so it’s neither basic nor acidic (put that in the back of your head science nerds!) Americans use 346,000 million gallons of fresh water daily, so it’s
Many things get into water that affect its taste and sometimes its safety. Water filtration systems exist to purify water, to make it taste better, be safer, aand help the appliances that use water last longer. Hard water is tough on appliances, and consequently wears them out faster-48% faster in fact.

Well water is a common source of water, but it does come with its issues. Sulfur can get into your system, and while it isn’t dangerous, it does smell and taste like rotten eggs. It is also very corrosive, and damaging to pipes. Read more ...

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