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Four Fun Fall Festival Ideas For Your Friends!

Chain link fences

Who said you couldn’t use your outdoor patios and decks just because it’s cooling off a little bit? If anything, the changing weather actually means it’s time to have a party! Here are a few cool ideas for Fall gatherings.

A Halloween Party.

Perhaps the most obvious idea on this list, why not throw a Halloween party in your yard? You, your family, your friends, and everyone’s kids can dress up and come over for some ghoulishly spiced rum, monster finger foods, and scary activities. Go crazy with the decorations, too. Deck your chain link fences out in cob webs, put a giant spider or a crashed witch on the top of the gazebos, and stick some fake headstones in the yard.

A Harvest Fes

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Five Reasons to Use Steel for Commercial and Home Construction Projects

Garage kits prices

Steel has become an increasingly popular material for commercial metal buildings and other construction projects over the years. Aside from being used for the construction of skyscrapers, steel carports and garage buildings are used to protect cars, RVs and boats from the elements. Although it is a widely used resource, many people are still unaware of all of the benefits of steel construction. Some of the advantages of using steel include:

  1. Environmentally Friendly – One of the lesser known benefits of using steel for commercial metal building and metal carports and garages is that it is a highly reusable resource. Each year in North America alone, over 80 mi

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3 Tips for First-Time Virginia Homebuyers

Beach vacation homes

Homeowners enjoy several financial benefits over renters, including tax breaks for mortgages, closing costs and property taxes. Buying a home specifically in Virginia can offer even more advantages for your family, since as of 2012 Virginia ranked #4 nationally for K through 12 schooling. That same year, the Annie E. Casey Foundation found that Virginia is the healthiest state for children in the South Atlantic region.

But whether you’re looking at beach vacation homes along the famed Virginia coastline or completely relocating, these are three things you should know before you start looking at new home listings.

  1. The Language of Real Estate

    Do you know what a balloon mortgage is? What about a due-on-sale provision, or a cash-out refinance? Before you actually st

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The Top Three Things You Might Not Know About Chimneys

Chimney liner supplies

Chimneys are such a common and desirable feature in homes and have been for decades, but how much do you really know about them? Here are three things you might not know about chimneys:

1. Chimneys are a Hot Commodity

For many, there is nothing quite like a warm, crackling fire, which is why they are in such high demand for homes, but a neglected fireplace often doesn’t stop at that. Chimney flue liners accrue a coating of “creosote” as they are used which is more easily visualized as a thick layer of grime. When the chimney is being used, the creosote on the flue liners can constrict the chimney and cause special chimney fires that burn at over two thousand degrees. That is why it is important to routinely have your chimney cleaned! L

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3 Reasons to Choose Natural Stone for Your Home

Natural stone countertops

Natural stone floors are beautiful, but you may have been avoiding them thinking they’re unrealistic in terms of upkeep and wear. You might be surprised to know that installing natural stone products are a beautiful and practical way to add luxury and elegance to your home.

Ease of Cleaning
Sealed stone requires very little special care, and can be cleaned with warm water and mild liquid soap. Just think of how much abuse kitchen counters take, and yet granite is the number-one choice for most homebuyers! Make sure any cleaner you’re using is chemically neutral; never use an acidic or alkaline cleaning product on stone, as doing so may cause discoloration. Also avoid any abrasive cleansers. If you do find a stain on your floors, try a poultice kit or contact a professio

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