How Much of a Return On Investment Does Landscaping Provide?

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Landscaping construction requires a meticulous attention to detail, in addition to a sizable investment of both time and money, but with a good landscape design, you can increase the value of your house much more than you’d think.

Landscapers can actually provide a better ROI than a bathroom or kitchen remodel, believe it or not. For example, in 2009, every one dollar spent on a bathroom remodel increased the home’s value by just $0.68. Kitchen remodels increased the value $0.69 for every dollar. A good landscape design, though, increased the home’s value by $1.06 to $1.12.

Landscaping can also help a home to sell much better, as well. The Florida Growers and Nursery Association’s studies indicate that landscaping can add up to 14% on a home’s resale value, and reduce the time that a home stays on the market by as much as six weeks! One landscape design project that’s particularly valuable, as noted by the Florida Growers and Nursery Association, is a patio, which can raise property values by as much as 12.6%.

The American Society of Landscape Architects suggests that homeowners should invest about 10% of the value of their property into a landscaping project. Even just a five percent investment in a landscape design can raise a home’s value by 15%, which provides a net 150% ROI.

Landscaping your house adds curb appeal. The first thing passersby will see is you home’s exterior. A well cared for lawn indicated a well cared for home, and will interest buyers much more. After all, you only get one chance to make a good first impression.

Landscaping has a recovery value of 100% to 200% on investment. So why not do a Google search for “landscape design Spokane” and get your project underway ASAP? Learn more at this link.

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