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A Look at Ash Tree Disease

Ash tree borer treatment

Ash trees are a wonderful addition to any yard or landscape design ideas. It is a relative of the olive tree, and is a strong tree that can grow to large proportions. One interesting fact about these trees is that its wood is often used to make baseball bats.
Let us take a look at ash tree diseases and how it can affect your yard or small backyard landscaping. Ash tree diseases can kill or destroy your lovely trees that you have spent so much time tending.
Ash tree disease can destroy your carefully designed landscaping. Ash trees are particularly susceptible to an ash tree disease caused by the emerald ash borer. The emerald ash borer beetle has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees. This beetle is thought to have arrived in the Uni

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Two Ways to Maintain a Clean Office Space

Janitorial company

Did you know that influenza, commonly referred to as the flu, is responsible for approximately 75 million work absences every year in the United States? However, providing a clean work space for your employees can decrease sickness in the office and increase productivity. There are two main ways to clean an office, and each one is beneficial in its own way.

1. Commercial cleaning services. This option involves allowing a commercial cleaning company to cleanse every area of your office. Your office kitchen, windows, and carpets, for example, can all be cleaned by a professional service. These services utilize commercial cleaning equipment in order to successfully clean every area of your office, and this is important because cold and flu viruses can survive on hard surfaces for up to 18 hours. By getting

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What to Do When You Need to Have Landscaping Work Done

Emerald ash borer map

Without good landscape ideas, a commercial or residential lawn will not look as good as it potentially could. Importantly, one of the most important of all landscape design ideas involves trees. Trees must be put in the right place to make sure roots don’t damage septic systems and branches don’t fall on the property.

One of the biggest threats to a tree is the emerald ash borer. Fortunately, many small backyard landscaping firms offer things like emerald ash borer treatments. The emerald ash borer, also known as the agrilius planipennis, is a green beetle native to Asia and Eastern Russia, and it has destroyed tens of millions of ash trees.

Interestingly enough, ash trees are a big part of many

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Why Should You Work With Faux Stone?

Decking parry sound

Faux stone is a perfect material to use when renovating your patio, porch, sunroom, or any other part of your home.

Genuine stone gives a room the perfect ambience of solidity and tradition. It harkens back to images of old estates and mansions–images of luxury, comfort, and prestige. Stone is elegant, subtle, and adds incredible amounts of character to a room.

Naturally, real stone can be quite expensive to buy. First of all, the actual stone material will cost hundreds of dollars just for a small project. Then, you have to consider the labor costs. Since stone is so heavy, it’s difficult to work with and install. For example, limestone wei

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Fire or Water Damage? Don’t Try to Clean up Water Yourself, Find out Why You Need to Hire a Professional!

Water damage portland

Fire and water damage restoration is an unfortunate, yet necessary residential and commercial cleaning services that are necessary after a building or home suffers damage from a fire, flood or a storm. Research from 2010 found that in the United States, there were 362,100 residential building fires. After a fire is put on in a residential or commercial building, if there is no large structural damage, the building can be revived if the building has gone through the proper fire and water damage restoration.

The water used to put out a fire, or water that has entered a building from a storm or flood is imperative to be cleaned up. In fact, water dam

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